List of acronyms and abbreviations

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2MASS: Two Micron All-Sky Survey


AEGIS:  AAOmega Evolution of Galactic Structure  Survey

AMBRE: ESO-Obs Cote d’Azur project to analyse ESO archive spectra

AP: Astrophysical Parameter

APOGEE: Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment

ARES: Automatic Routine for line Equivalent widths in stellar Spectrum

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BT-Settl: a set of stellar atmosphere models

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CASU: Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit

CLR: Clear Sky (at Paranal Observatory during observing)

CDM: Cold Dark Matter

CMD: Colour Magnitude Diagram

CMFGEN:  CoMoving Frame GENeral spectrum analysis code

COG: Curve Of Growth

Co-PIs: Co-Principal Investigators

CoRoT: COnvection ROtation et Transits plan´etaires

CPL: (ESO) Common Pipeline Library

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DAOSPEC: Dominion Astronomical Observatory SPECtrum analysis code

DF: Distribution Function

DEC: Declination

DEGAS: DEcision tree alGorithm for AStrophysics

DENIS: Deep Near-Infrared Sky Survey

DPAC: (Gaia) Data Processing and Analysis Consortium

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ESO: European Southern Observatory

ESA: European Space Agency

EW: Equivalent Width

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FASTWIND: a spectrum analysis code

FITS: Flexible Image Transport System

FLAMES: Fibre Large Array Multi Element Spectrograph

FPOSS: Fibre Positioner Observer Support Software

FTE: Full Time Equivalent

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Gaia: ESA’s Astrometric mission

GIRAFFE: Medium-high resolution spectrograph (VLT)

gK: K-giant (star)

GREAT: Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training

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HERMES: High Efficiency and Resolution Multi-Element Spectrograph

HRnn: GIRAFFE grating settings

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ILIUM: An iterative local interpolation method algorithm

Inf: Bad data flag

IRAF: Image Reduction and Analysis Facility

ISM: Inter-Stellar Medium

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log g: logarithm of stellar surface gravity

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MARCS: a grid of one-dimensional, hydrostatic, plane-parallel and spherical LTE model atmospheres

MATISSE:  MATrix Inversion for Spectral SynthEsis

MIDAS: ESO’s Munich Image Data Analysis System

MOOG: An LTE Stellar Line Analysis Program

MyGIsFos: a spectrum analysis code

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NaN: bad data flag

NextGen: a set of stellar atmosphere models

NGC: North Galactic Cap

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OB: (ESO) Observing Block

O, B, A, F, G, K, M:  star spectral-types

OC: Open Cluster

OPC: (ESO) Observing Programme Committee

OT: (ESO) Observing Tool

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PDF: Probability Distribution Function

PMS: Pre-Main Sequence (star)

Pnn, nn=88 to 98: ESO observing period numbering

PS1: PanStarrs photometric sky survey (single telescope)

PSSP (ESO) Public Spectroscopic Survey Panel

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QC: Quality Control

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RA: Right Ascension

RAVE:  Radial Velocity Survey

RGB: Red Giant Branch (CMD)

ROTFIT: a spectrum analysis code

RRM/ToO: Rapid Response Mode Target of Opportunity

RV: Radial Velocity

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SAF: (ESO) Science Archive Facility

SDSS: Sloan Digital Sky Survey

SGC: South Galactic Cap

SIMCAL: Simultaneous Calibration

SkyMapper: Southern Sky Photometric Survey

SMP: Survey Management Plan

SNR: Signal to Noise ratio

SOM: Self Organising Map (classification)

SPECTRE: an interactive spectrum analysis code

SPS: Spectroscopic Public Survey

SPS-obs: interim progress report to ESO after each observing run

SPS-snr: quantitative progress report to ESO after each semester

SQL: Simple Query Language

SVM: Support Vector Machine (classification)

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ToO: Target of Opportunity

TOPCAT: Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables

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UCM: Code Abundance analysis code developed at the Universitad Computense of Madrid

UVES: UV-Visual Echelle Spectrograph (VLT)

UKIRT: United Kingdom InfraRed Telescope

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VA: ESO Visiting Astronomer

VDFS: VISTA Data Flow System

VHS: VISTA Hemisphere Survey

VISTA: Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy

VLT: Very Large Telescope (ESO)

VO: Virtual Observatory

VOTable: Virtual Observatory Tabular data format


VPHAS+: The VST/OmegaCam Photometric Hα Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane and Bulge

VST: VLT Survey Telescope

VVV: VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea

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WEBDA: A comprehensive star cluster data base

WFAU: (Edinburgh) Wide Field Astronomy Unit

WFCAM: Wide Field CAMera (UKIRT)

WFI: (ESO) Wide Field Imager (at La Silla)

WG: Working Group

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