The Gaia-ESO project is following standard proven large-project management methods, with responsibilities and communications linked to work effort requirements and deliveries. The two Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs) are the point of contact to ESO, and are assisted by a steering group. A set of work packages matched to task requirements has been defined, with sub-packages as appropriate. There are twenty working groups (WGs). All groups involved are active participants – the work will be distributed to teams with relevant expertise and appropriate resources, with clearly defined and agreed local responsibilities. Each active participant group includes a number of Co-Investigators (Co-Is).

The Gaia-ESO Survey project has excited such considerable enthusiasm in the European astronomical community, and contributes to such a wide range of astronomical interests, that we have over 250 confirmed active Co-I participants from several institutes, with continuing requests. The names of Principal Co-Investigators and Steering Committee members are given below. See Working Groups for Working Group Coordinators and responsibilities. Full list of currently participating institutes and Co-Is can be found in Gaia-ESO Members document (PDF).


Principal Investigators and the Steering Group
Name Function Affiliation Country
Gerry Gilmore Co-PI Institute of Astronomy UK
Sofia Randich Co-PI INAF Obs Arcetri I
M. Asplund Steering Group MPA D
J. Binney Steering Group Oxford UK
P. Bonifacio Steering Group Paris Fr
J. Drew Steering Group Herts UK
S. Feltzing Steering Group Lund Swe
A. Ferguson Steering Group Edinburgh UK
R. Jeffries Steering Group Keele UK
G. Micela Steering Group Palermo I
I. Negueruela Steering Group Alicante Sp
T. Prusti Steering Group ESA ESA
H-W. Rix Steering Group MPIA D
A. Vallenari Steering Group Padova I

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Page last updated: 30/07/2020