Data reduction

Data flow diagram

Figure: An overview of the Gaia-ESO Survey data flow system.

An overview of the Gaia-ESO Survey data flow process is presented in the Figure above. The tasks are distributed among 19 Working Groups (WGs), WG0 to WG18, each of which has a WG coordinator, and membership, who have confirmed their available contribution of effort for a real contribution. The tasks of the WGs are to implement the data flow, from target selection and characterization, through OB preparation, operations and observing, pipeline data processing, detailed spectrum analysis, astrophysical parameter quality/sanity checking and homogenization, to science quality control, through to preparation, documentation and delivery of external data products to both ESO and a dedicated public archive. A 20th WG, dedicated to communication with the general community, is included in the Gaia-ESO Survey project organization.

Page last updated: 13/03/2013