Target identification, FPOSS and OB preparation

Field star targets will be identified predominately from VISTA CMDs. This will be predominately VISTA Hemisphere Survey (VHS), with some VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) in the inner Galaxy. These data are processed and available at Institute of Astronomy (IoA) Cambridge. [The VISTA VHS and VVV PIs are part of this project.] To ensure a stable selection function, selected potential target lists will be generated at the Cambridge CASU centre. At low latitudes in the Plane special fields are selected, using available microlensing data, and Deep Near-Infrared Sky Survey (DENIS). Considerable dedicated effort is focused on optimal selection of open cluster members, using both model input and the best available detailed astrometric, multi-wavelength photometric and supplementary information. Calibration (open and globular cluster) targets are identified and will be observed. Several distributed groups are able to support fposs fibre allocation and OB generation, based on these target algorithms and data files, spreading this substantial workload viably. All observing blocks (OBs) will be sanity checked and delivered to ESO under Co-PI responsibility.

Page last updated: 28/07/2020