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GES 2019: Gaia-ESO Survey All-Hands meeting

Event date: 24 September, 2019 to 27 September, 2019

Location: Firenze, Italy

This Gaia-ESO science meeting is an excellent opportunity for experts in the fields of Galactic and stellar astronomy to present their latest results and discuss the current state and the future of this field. Read more

GES 2017: Gaia-ESO Survey Fourth Science Meeting

Event date: 4 September, 2017 to 8 September, 2017

Location: Catania, Italy

Towards the end of its five-year observational campaign using the Fibre Large Array Multi Element Spectrograph (FLAMES) on the ESO-VLT, the Gaia-ESO Survey Fourth Science Meeting (GES2017) will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the new fifth internal data release in view of the forthcoming... Read more

GES 2015: Gaia-ESO Survey Third Science Meeting

Event date: 1 December, 2015 to 4 December, 2015

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

During Gaia-ESO Survey Third Science Meeting (GES2015) new results from four internal data releases will be presented and discussed. This will be a good opportunity to meet and discuss the progress, the methodological and scientific challenges and future directions of GES and similar Galactic... Read more

GES 2014: Gaia-Eso Survey Second Science Meeting

Event date: 10 November, 2014 to 13 November, 2014

Location: Porto, Portugal

This Gaia-Eso Survey Second Science Meeting is perfectly timed to present and discuss new results arising from the second internal data release. Given the already significant data volume and the current more mature stage of the GES data analysis, we expect a variety of scientifically interesting... Read more

GES 2013: Gaia-ESO Survey First Science

Event date: 8 April, 2013 to 11 April, 2013

Location: Nice, France

The Gaia-ESO Survey (GES) will obtain spectra for 105 stars over a period of five years. This conference will allow results from the first 8-10 months of the survey to be presented and discussed. Read more