GES 2013: Gaia-ESO Survey First Science

Event date: 
08/04/2013 to 11/04/2013
Nice, France

The Gaia-ESO Survey (GES) will obtain spectra for 105 stars over a period of five years. This conference will allow results from the first 8-10 months of the survey to be presented and discussed. In spite of the fact that this represents only 20% of the expected data volume, we expect a variety of scientifically interesting results that will serve as "science verification" for the project.

Besides the interest of the early science results, the conference will allow thorough discussions on the survey strategy and progress, data analysis methods and challenges, data distribution, etc. The conference will provide an ideal occasion for the different groups within given work-packages to meet and discuss their progress, difficulties and ways forward, but also to facilitate interfaces between work-packages, and ensure communication throughout the project.


The GES science verification projects are grouped into broad categories listed below (see the GES science verification projects on the internal Gaia-ESO Wiki for details):

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