GES 2019: Gaia-ESO Survey All-Hands meeting

Event date: 
24/09/2019 to 27/09/2019
Firenze, Italy

After 340 nights at the VLT, the Gaia-ESO Spectroscopic Survey has gathered one of the largest collections of high-resolution optical spectra of Galactic stars both in the field and in open clusters. These spectra have been homogeneously analyzed and all the astrophysical parameters and elemental abundances derived from this analysis will be soon public. This last Gaia-ESO release will occur at a special time when Galactic astronomy is going through a revolution thanks to the Gaia space mission and the on-going spectroscopic surveys.

This Gaia-ESO science meeting is an excellent opportunity for experts in the fields of Galactic and stellar astronomy to present their latest results and discuss the current state and the future of this field. The scientific topics to be discussed in this conference include stellar physics and evolution, the formation and evolution of star clusters, and the formation and the evolution of the different components of the Milky Way.

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