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We are pleased to let you know that the Gaia-ESO data release 2 is now online. Read more

Visualisations of Gaia-ESO [Mg/Fe] and age data superimposed on a model Galaxy are available for download. These use DR2 data, and are described in Stinson et al 2012. The visualisations are courtesy of Greg Stinson and Maria Bergemann, MPIA. Read more

GES team at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía have produced a video popularizing  Gaia and GES  projects. Read more

May 2014 Gaia-ESO Newsletter is available. Read more

GaiaESO DR1 data have been archived and are now available. Read more

Report to the ESO OPC P93 meeting is available. The report includes Gaia-ESO Survey progress status. Read more

An article about Gaia with the focus on the technology. Read more

"Gaia: The 'impossible space mission' ready to fly" by BBC science correspondent, Jonathan Amos, features interviews with Prof Gerry Gilmore and the mission's project manager, Giuseppe Sarri. Read more

July 2013 Gaia-ESO Newsletter is available. Read more

December 2012 Gaia-ESO Newsletter is available. Read more