The Gaia-ESO Survey astrophysical calibration

Pancino, E.; Gaia-ESO Survey consortium, on behalf of the
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The Gaia-ESO Survey is a wide field spectroscopic survey recently started with the FLAMES@VLT in Cerro Paranal, Chile. It will produce radial velocities more accurate than Gaia's for faint stars (down to V~18), and astrophysical parameters and abundances for approximately 100000 stars, belonging to all Galactic populations. 300 nights were assigned in 5 years (with the last year subject to approval after a detailed report). In particular, to connect with other ongoing and planned spectroscopic surveys, a detailed calibration program – for the astrophysical parameters derivation – is planned, including well known clusters, Gaia benchmark stars, and special equatorial calibration fields designed for wide field/multifiber spectrographs.

Bibliographic code: 2012arXiv1206.6291P

arXiv reference: arXiv:1206.6291

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